Upcoming Events

Penang Mensans & Friends Fun Outing in Penang Hill

Mensa Penang is planning a fun Outing-cum-Treasure Hunt event up in Penang Hill on 30th Nov morning (8:30am – 12:30pm).

Event is open to Mensans with current active membership. Friends and family of participating Mensan may join in this activity of walk hunt and mental challenge.

  • Interested Mensans, please register by WhatsApp with 012-5223978 or 012-4188498 by 28 Nov with your name, Membership No, Contact No, and guest names (if any).
  • No participation fees but you need cover your own train tickets and food.
  • Bring along pens/pencils, handphone, clipboard, water, comfortable wear, and umbrella or caps.
  • Teams of 3 will be form either by registration or assignment on that morning.