A Start-Up Adventure : Experiences by Fave’s Co-founder

On Sunday, 3rd of September 2017, the Penang Branch of the Malaysian Mensa Society hosted Yeoh Chen Chow, co-founder of online-to-offline commerce start-up Fave. Chen Chow gave an interesting and eye-opening account beginning with his early days in Penang, where he joined Mensa in 1996, on to his university years in the US and the start of his career with Accenture and Jobstreet. He then described how he joined Groupon before co-founding fitness platform KFit, and Fave. Along the way, Chen Chow spoke about the many complex challenges he encountered, first in growing Groupon in the Asia Pacific and then when launching his own start-up. During the dialogue session, Chen Chow fielded questions about his experiences as an entrepreneur, the challenges of building a successful start-up in Malaysia, and what will be coming next for Fave. The session ended at about 12pm and was followed by a lunch at Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant.