A Battle of the Puzzlers

(Tech Dome, Penang : 12th August 2017)

82 students battled their wits at the 12th Annual Puzzler’s Challenge organised by the Malaysian Mensa Society last Saturday. The event, held at Tech Dome Penang, attracted teams representing 9 secondary schools from all around Penang.

Working in teams, the participants had to complete seven puzzle questions that tested their creativity and problem-solving skills. Jayaram Menon, Immediate Past Chairman of the Malaysian Mensa Society, created the puzzles. “The students can solve the puzzles by applying what they have learned in school – but only if they apply their knowledge in new ways beyond what they have seen in their textbooks,” says Menon.

The puzzles not only tested the students’ fundamental understanding of mathematics, but also demonstrated how the theorems and concepts they had learned in school could be used to solve new problems they had never before encountered in the classroom. Besides that, the puzzles were designed to challenge the students to think logically and systematically.


The Penang Branch of the Malaysian Mensa Society has been organising the Puzzler’s Challenge since 2006. This is the first time it has been held at Tech Dome, Penang’s first science centre. After completing the Challenge, participants had fun trying out Tech Dome’s interactive exhibits.

Besides hosting the event, Tech Dome also sponsored prizes in the form of entry passes worth RM 1500. Cash prizes totalling RM1500 were sponsored by JHM Consolidation Berhad. As the Puzzler’s Challenge was approved by the Penang State Education Department, all students taking part received co-curricular points for their participation. Yeoh Ban Lye, Chairman of the Malaysian Mensa Society Penang Branch, handed out the prizes to the top ten teams.

In the end, Oh Yong Xin and Chia Jing Rong of SMJK Perempuan Cina Pulau Pinang did their school proud when they emerged champions. They took home RM 500 in cash and Tech Dome Annual Passes for two worth RM 160 each. Bryan Lim Chin Kit and Chan Ee Hong of SMJK Chung Ling Air Itam took second spot, winning RM 300 in cash and Tech Dome Annual Passes for two worth RM 160 each. Lai Jian Xia and Tan Wei Xuen of SMJK Heng Ee came in third place and won RM 200 in cash and Tech Dome Annual Passes for two worth RM 160 each.