20 Aug 2016: Scholarships & Success Rates: What You Need To Know

UPDATE: Here is Wei Vern’s recap of the talk she gave  (her own blog). 

If you are a secondary school student and would like to know more about getting a Petronas engineering scholarship for local study or if you’re a working adult looking to pursue a Master’s degree with a Chevening scholarship in the UK, you need to attend this talk.


Our speaker, Ms Hor Wei Vern, was a Petronas scholarship holder and recently secured a Chevening scholarship for a full year of study in the UK. She will share her experiences in applying for these 2 scholarships as well as offer deeper insights on their application processes.




About our speaker, Miss Hor Wei Vern: 

Hor Wei Vern graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Universiti Teknologi Petronas via the Petronas Sponsorship Programme. She obtained the prestigious Chevening scholarship and will be leaving for the UK to pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems at Queen Mary University of London this September.

She has been working for Petronas for the last 5 years as a Mechanical Rotating Engineer, specialising in energy optimisation in carbon capture and storage projects. When she is not working, she dabbles in copywriting and web design projects.

She calls herself a chronic daydreamer and coffee addict while enjoying eclectic interests such as coding, cooking, scuba diving, wall climbing, playing the gamelan, practising Muay Thai and more. Wei Vern has a yen for good & efficient design, musicals, writing and photography and traveling (she recently went on a backpacking trip with her mother to Europe). She lives by Plato’s quote – “Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle”.


Updates: Due to limited space available, registration is now closed. We’ll get in touch with those registered soon. Thank you for the overwhelming response.