Exciting Puzzler’s Challenge 2014 for 140 Students

A total of 140 upper secondary students participated in the much anticipated Puzzler’s Challenge 2014, a puzzles competition, based on mathematic and science principles, at the Caring Society Complex on 2nd March.


Students were seen reporting to the marshals at the Registration Counter as early as 12 noon. After getting their team numbers, the students milled around the lobby, read the rules and regulations and checked their seating positions until the announcement was made for them to enter the hall.

After a short introduction of Malaysian Mensa and a final briefing by Puzzles Master, Jayaram Menon (Jay) who is also our Malaysian Mensa National Chairman, it was all go for the students. One could easily differentiate between regulars and green horns amongst the students as the experienced ones were very much composed compared to the newbies.

The students had to solve 10 puzzles, out of which 4 are hands-on puzzles. To do the hands-on puzzles, students went to the respective booths which were located at a corner of the hall or outside the hall. Students were reminded to mind their time as each puzzle had its own time limit stated.

After completion of each puzzle, students were to signal to marshals to review or submit their answers directly back to the Puzzles Station. With so many teams requiring the marshals’ attention, marshals rushing from one team to another is a common sight in hall. (Ah…That explains why our legs were very tired in the evening.)

After about four and a half hours, all the teams had completed the puzzles. It was time to compile the scores. While waiting for the results to be ready, the Puzzles Master did an Answer Presentation to explain how to arrive at the answers. It was interesting to note the reactions of the students as they listened to the explanations.

The top ten winning teams were invited on stage to their prizes (1st prize – RM300, 2nd RM200, 3rd RM100, 4th & 5th RM80 each and consolation RM50 each) from Jay. For details of the results, please refer to our mensapenang website.

See you all at the next Puzzler’s Challenge!

By Cecilia Yew
Organizing Chairman
Puzzler’s Challenge 2014

Mensa Puzzler’s Challenge is an annual event organized by Mensa Malaysia, Penang Branch. Check out the photos and report from last year’s Puzzler’s Challenge.

Puzzler’s Challenge 2014 – Thanks & Appreciation

My sincere thanks goes to the 30-odd volunteers (including the Committee) who helped make the Challenge a success:

1. Jay Menon, the Puzzles Master
2. BL Yeoh, the Puzzles Coordinator
3. Sim Swee, the Secretary cum marker (white paper and application to Education Dept)
4. Patrick Cheok, the Treasurer cum marker cum marshal
5. Nic Sim, banner designer cum lunch provider cum marshal
6. Hsiang Boon, Logistics cum marshal
7. Tiong Hong, photographer cum marshal
8. Linus Loo, photographer cum marshal
9. Mindy Yeoh & Angeline Wong, score compilers and checkers
10. PC Sim, YL Sin & Max Yew, marshals
11. Student volunteers from Phor Tay High School and Chung Ling High School.

and all participating schools for their support: SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian, Jit Sin, Perempuan Cina; SMK Methodist (L), Sri Mutiara, Guar Perahu, Tun Syed Sheh Shahabuddin, Perempuan St George, Westlands, Uplands International School & Inti International College.


Winners of the Puzzlers Challenge 2014 competition organized by Mensa Malaysia (Penang Branch)

Position School Name Points (max 230)
(1st Place)
Uplands School /
SMJK Perempuan Cina, P.P.
Hoh Tjin Li
Hoh Tjin Hui
Runner Up
(2nd Place)
SMJK Jit Sin Chiam Joe Win
Ooi Heap Seng
2nd Runner
(3rd Place)
SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian Khoo Zi Xian
Kelvin Tan Yong Seang
4th SMK Westlands Ng Yi Xian
Iesa Bin Sairi
5th SMJK Perempuan Cina, P.P. Lim Shu Qi
Ooi Zher Yee
6th SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian Chin Sin Chee
Khoo Chia Hong
7th SMJK Perempuan Cina, P.P. Lim Ee Shin
Megan Soo Yee Chien
8th SMK Methodist (L), P.P. Harivaanantham A/L Muniandy
Gavin Goon Wen Jern
9th SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian Alvin Tan Sze Gee
Michael Yeap Chong Wei
10th SMK Methodist (L), P.P. Ryan Fun Weng Yew
Christopher Chan Wei Keong

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